Join us at Game Theory on Saturday night at 7pm for casual play in this multi-genre, universe-colliding collectible card game from Japan! Dozens of anime and video game worlds come together for epic crossover duels with all of your favorite characters! With the cute character of the Wei╬▓ (White) side and the action-adventure characters from the Schwarz (Black) side, you can build the crossover team of your dreams!

This casual play event is a great way to learn the game. There are always lots of WS players on-hand to answer your questions and help you build your deck.

Neo Standard

Mixed Language

30 minute rounds

Swiss format

Guidelines for mixing languages in a deck:

1. Play the set mono-Japanese. Follows standard japanese ban/restricted list.

2. Play the set mono-English. No banned/restricted cards until such time as the English ruling body should create such a list.

3. Play the set mixed JP/EN. Follow Japanese ban/restricted list and the use of English exclusive cards is not allowed.

4. Play the set mixed JP/EN. No ban/restricted list and the use of Japanese exclusive cards is not allowed.

We have promo cards to give out! And occasionally other fun things like deck boxes :)

Prize pool: 1.5 packs per person, everyone gets one pack, extra payout to top 3.

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