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Star Wars Armada Prime Championship!
Star Wars Armada

Attention! Attention! Fleet admirals, assemble your squadrons now and have your ships plan a course for the Star Wars™​: Armada Prime Championship Tournament at Game Theory.

Previously known as Regional Championships, Prime Championships are high-level tournaments that draw in players from all over to compete.

Pre-registration begins on Friday, 10/11. Call ahead at 919-787-4449 to sign up, price in advance is $12, price at the door is $15. Spots are limited so call today!

When: Saturday, 12/21. Doors will open at 9:00. Dice roll at 10AM.

What: Assemble a 400 point force for either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire. Force lists must be legal with the most recent FAQ, Armada rules and Armada Tournament rules.

How: The event will use Swiss pairings. Each round will last 2 hours 15 minutes. The event will have as many rounds as players, but will run a minimum of 3 rounds with cut to top 2. See Armada Tournament rules.

Why: You love Star Wars Armada and love sweet, sweet swag!

See you on 12/21 at GT for the Star Wars Armada Prime Championship!

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