Trading Card Games

If you love Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Weiß Schwarz, Cardfight! Vanguard, Keyforge, or Flesh & Blood, then we're the store for you! Even if you're new to any of the games we support, feel free to call the store at 919-787-4449 or even stop by and ask our incredibly knowledgeable staff to help get you started!

We host a variety of Pre-Release and special events for every TCG (Covid restrictions withholding for Pokemon). We also host weekly and biweekly local tournaments for our amazing TCG Communities (See our Calendar for details on times and prices. All sign-ups open an hour before scheduled time. Participants must be present in-store at time of sign-up)! Plus, if we don’t have what you want or you want to get the jump on a future set, we’ll order it for you with no upfront costs. Not to mention you can also get discounts through our Customer Rewards Program which applies not only to our Booster Boxes and packs for all TCGs we support, but even to our Magic Singles*!
*Check out our full Magic Singles catalog here. We also purchase Magic Singles, just look for the tab labelled Buylist under Magic Singles at the top of the page (Our Policy is 25 cards per person, per day. We are primarily looking for Near Mint cards, but can accept various quality depending on our inventory at the time of purchase, and we also only stock one foil of any given card in our inventory.)