Jan Tomcani Bio [World Championship Decks 2001]

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Set: World Championship Decks 2001
Type: Card
Rarity: Common
Jan Tomcani, from Bratislava in the Slovak Republic, came out of nowhere to stun everyone by posting a perfect 6—0 record in the Standard portion of this year's Worlds. Tomcani then proved that his run was no fluke by working his way up to the quarterfinals, where he lost to Alex Borteh in a close five-game match. Tomcani played a version of "Fires," the green-red deck that defined much of this year's metagame. Tomcani's version, which splashed black, follows the normal Fires archetype of playing cheap creatures followed by Fires of Yavimaya and big creatures like Blastoderm or Spiritmonger.

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