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Foreboding Ruins [Shadows over Innistrad]
Set: Shadows over Innistrad Type: Land Rarity: Rare Cost: As Foreboding Ruins enters the battlefield, you may reveal a Swamp or Mountain card from your hand. If you don't, Foreboding Ruins enters the battlefield tapped. {T}: Add {B} or {R} to your mana pool. Sent to find Sorin, Jace ventured to the vampire's ancestral home, only to find evidence of a deeper mystery.
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Spark Double [War of the Spark]
Set: War of the Spark Type: Creature — Illusion Rarity: Rare Cost: {3}{U} You may have Spark Double enter the battlefield as a copy of a creature or planeswalker you control, except it enters with an additional +1/+1 counter on it if it's a creature, it enters with an additional loyalty counter on it if it's a planeswalker, and it isn't legendary if that permanent is legendary.
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Unbreakable Formation [Ravnica Allegiance]
Set: Ravnica Allegiance Type: Instant Rarity: Rare Cost: {2}{W} Creatures you control gain indestructible until end of turn. Addendum — If you cast this spell during your main phase, put a +1/+1 counter on each of those creatures, and they also gain vigilance until end of turn.
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Helm of the Host [Dominaria]
Set: Dominaria Type: Legendary Artifact — Equipment Rarity: Rare Cost: {4} At the beginning of combat on your turn, create a token that's a copy of equipped creature, except the token isn't legendary if equipped creature is legendary. That token gains haste. Equip {5} Forged out of flowstone for the queen of Vesuva.
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Fresh Meat [New Phyrexia]
Set: New Phyrexia Type: Instant Rarity: Rare Cost: {3}{G} Create a 3/3 green Beast creature token for each creature put into your graveyard from the battlefield this turn. A scavenger's favorite appetizer is death.
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Scheming Symmetry [Core Set 2020]
Set: Core Set 2020 Type: Sorcery Cost: null Choose two target players. Each of them searches their library for a card, then shuffles their library and puts that card on top of it. “One for you, one for me. What could be more fair?” —Kethis, the Hidden Hand
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Kykar, Wind's Fury [Core Set 2020]
Set: Core Set 2020 Type: Legendary Creature — Bird Wizard Cost: null Flying Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, create a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying. Sacrifice a Spirit: Add R. "The raging gale fans the flames of righteous wrath."
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Plague Engineer [Modern Horizons]
Set: Modern Horizons Type: Creature — Carrier Rarity: Rare Cost: {2}{B} Deathtouch As Plague Engineer enters the battlefield, choose a creature type. Creatures of the chosen type your opponents control get -1/-1. "The lasting effects are invariably fatal." —Phyrexian progress notes
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Lavinia, Azorius Renegade [Ravnica Allegiance]
Set: Ravnica Allegiance Type: Legendary Creature — Human Soldier Rarity: Rare Cost: {W}{U} Each opponent can't cast noncreature spells with converted mana cost greater than the number of lands that player controls. Whenever an opponent casts a spell, if no mana was spent to cast it, counter that spell. "I told Jace that Ravnica would fall apart if he didn't take his responsibilities seriously. I didn't want to be right."
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Throne of the God-Pharaoh [Amonkhet]
Set: Amonkhet Type: Legendary Artifact Rarity: Rare Cost: {2} At the beginning of your end step, each opponent loses life equal to the number of tapped creatures you control. "When the Second Sun rests between the horns on the horizon, so begins the Hour of Revelation. Then the Hour of Glory, the Hour of Promise, and finally the Hour of Eternity." —The Accounting of Hours
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Preordain [Magic 2011]
Set: Magic 2011 Type: Sorcery Rarity: Common Cost: {U}
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Anointed Procession [Amonkhet]
Set: Amonkhet Type: Enchantment Rarity: Rare Cost: {3}{W} If an effect would create one or more tokens under your control, it creates twice that many of those tokens instead. "The gods here may walk among the people, but they are not with them." —Gideon Jura